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Lets Talk PANTS


Developed in consultation with children, parents, carers and teachers, Talk PANTS is here to help children understand their body belongs to them, and they should tell a safe adult they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. 

We use this resource in school to support our PSHE curriculum, and there are also advice for parents to use at home. 

When's the right time to talk PANTS? 

Every family is different, and when and where you have these conversations may depend on your child's age, or how grown up they are - it's all about whatever feels natural for you and them.

Some examples of times you can talk PANTS are:

  • After school - If they've had a lesson on personal relationships or Talk PANTS at school, ask them what they remember when they get home.
  • Bathtime - you could start a conversation when you're running your child's bath, or helping them get dressed.
  • Car journeys - this can be a great time to talk, and your child will have plenty of time to ask questions if they need.
  • Reading our new PANTS storybook together.
  • Singing - Sing along to our PANTS song with Pantosaurus!
  • Swimming - A great time to say that what's covered by swimwear is private.
  • Walking - Walking home from school, or a weekend walk to the shops can help you both feel more at ease as you stroll and chat.
  • Watching TV - If a TV show features a sensitive storyline, you can encourage them to talk about anything that upsets them.