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Behaviour and Relationships

Our Vision

Our vision for the school is encompassed in our motto Belong, Enjoy, Aim high, Respect and the development of our Behaviour and Relationship Policy holds this vision at its heart.

At Chaucer Infant and Nursery School we aim for every child to feel valued, safe and happy in our school – we want our children to feel that they belong.

We also believe it is very important that every child should be taught to have due regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others - we want pupils to show respect to others.

We aim to achieve this vision by working together as a team – staff, parents, governors and the local community to:

  • Create a safe and nurturing environment where children’s emotional well-being is supported and sense of self-worth is developed
  • Promote a high standard of behaviour and an atmosphere where all members of the school are valued as individuals
  • Focus on developing the moral values of being caring and showing integrity -  promoting the value of mutual respect for others’ beliefs, opinions, actions and authority, in order to develop ‘well rounded’, caring and responsible citizens

Central to this vision are our six core values

Our Values

BE HAPPY: we have fun and  enjoy school

  • We are positive and enthusiastic
  • We  come into school with a smile on our face ready for the day’s learning
  • We praise people when they have tried hard
  • We celebrate success

SHOW RESPECT: we respect and listen to the ideas and views of others

  • We are polite and well-mannered
  • We treat everyone fairly
  • We value diversity and recognise that everyone is different
  • We are open minded and include everyone
  • We listen to each other, work together, take turns and share

BE TRUSTWORTHY: we are honest and dependable in everything that we do.

  • We always tell the truth
  • We do what we say we will
  • We know what is right and wrong and always try to make the right choice
  • We do the right thing when nobody is watching

BE CARING:  everyone at our school should feel they belong here

  • We make people feel safe and cared for  
  • We are kind and considerate to each other
  • We help and comfort those who need it
  • We think of others feelings and do not say or do things that hurt others
  • We care for ourselves, each other, the environment and things around us

TRY OUR BEST: We work hard, aim high and give our all

  • We keep trying, we don’t give up even when it is tough
  • We participate  and get involved
  • We have pride in our work
  • We work independently

SHOW CURIOSITY: We want to learn more.

  • We encourage creativity and new ideas for doing things
  • We ask questions
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes
  • We wonder why things happen

Our School Rules are derived from these values

As an Attachment Aware school we understand that children’s ability to form relationships is the key to their capacity to learn. We know that secure attachment relationships correlate strongly with higher academic attainment, better self-regulation and social competence.

It is our expectation that all staff will cultivate positive relationships with each child.

We recognise the importance of teaching learning behaviours to reduce the need to manage misbehaviour and teachers will encourage children to be self-reflective of their own behaviours.

Our Values clearly highlight learning behaviours for us to teach, reinforce and promote through giving specific behaviour-related praise throughout the lesson.

Parents and Carers

It is important that our parents and carers fully support our approach to promoting excellent conduct. To this end we would invite our families to work on the presumption that if a professional has highlighted a concern regarding their child’s conduct this will be a considered decision, taken in good faith to safeguard our children and to support their social and emotional development. Throughout their time in our school children are learning to understand and manage their impulses, develop an understanding of social etiquette and recognise the importance of mutual tolerance and respect. It is a time when children learn by their experiences and by their mistakes and we consider these to be part of their learning journey. Whilst a child may present a slightly different version of their conduct, reflecting their level of social and emotional development, it is essential that the high standards set by the school are supported at home. In this way we can enable all of our pupils to become ‘well rounded’, caring and responsible citizens.

We have a variety of rewards to encourage good behaviour and strategies to support pupils who struggle to make the right choice.  Details of these can be found in our Behaviour and Relatinships Policy below.