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School Uniform

Wearing school uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of our school. We feel a uniform will give children a sense of purpose, of belonging and identity. It is our school policy that all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 wear uniform when attending school, or when participating in school organised events offsite.  Our school uniform policy has been reviewed to take into consideration the DfE's guidance on the cost of school uniforms.
Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that our children are pleased to wear a uniform that:

  • Gives them a sense of pride in the school
  • Gives them a sense of belonging
  • Ensures that they are smartly and appropriately dressed for school
  • Reduces any form of distraction
  • Promotes equal opportunities by making children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance and helping nurture cohesion between different groups of pupils.

The uniform options set out in our policy are gender neutral and it is not specified what items boys or girls should or should not wear within the permitted list.

We recognise that for some of our families, religions or beliefs may require conformity to a particular dress code and we are sensitive to this.  We believe that most requirements can be well met within our policy and we always aim to accommodate these, showing flexibility where there is a genuine reason to do so.  However, it is important that any adaptations agreed do not compromise genuine health and safety concerns, and therefore we welcome any conversations with parents to discuss and agree adaptations.  

We also recognise that reasonable adjustments might need to be made for a pupil with a disability or special educational need and there is flexibility within our policy for this.  Parents are invited to discuss any adaptations that may be required with the school.

Nursery uniform:
Families are given the choice and flexibility as to whether they would like their child in Nursery to wear:

  • Full uniform (as worn by children in Reception, Year 1 & Year 2)
  • Part uniform (e.g. a red or navy sweatshirt with or without logo alongside own clothes)
  • No uniform (own clothes that are suitable for accessing active play, with fastenings that can be managed by the child)

Uniform requirements:
Careful consideration has been taken regarding the cost and availability of our uniform for parents.  Uniform with the school embroidered logo (optional) can be purchased from Loop School Wear and Hamiltons.  Other uniform items are widely available, at very competitive prices, at local shops including supermarkets.  


Day-to-day uniform REQUIRED

Where it can be purchased


Black closed toe shoes

Plain socks – grey, black or white

Plain tights – grey, red or navy blue

Grey school trousers or shorts

Grey skirt or pinafore dress

White or red polo shirt (with or without logo)

Red and white or blue and white checked dress (usually worn in warmer months)

Red or navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan (with or without logo) or;

Red or navy blue zip up fleece  (with or without logo)

Any local shop or supermarket


If you would like a sweatshirt or cardigan with a logo  - Loop School Wear or Hamiltons


Where it can be purchased

Black plimsolls or trainers

White round neck t-shirt

Black or navy blue shorts

Black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms (usually for colder months)

Red or navy blue sweatshirt (with or without logo)


Any local shop or supermarket


Other required items

Where it can be purchased

Book bag

Water bottle

Sun hats (in summer months)

Any local shop or supermarket


If you would like a book bag with a logo  - the school office, Loop School Wear or Hamiltons


Please choose whether you would like your child to wear the day-to-day uniform in full, part of the uniform or no uniform. Please note that children in Nursery do not need a PE Kit or book bag.


     Specific requirements:

  • Footwear - our uniform policy from Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 asks for black closed toe leather style shoes to be worn.  Please note, trainers should not be worn other than during on PE days where children come into school wearing their PE Kit.  'Fashion' shoes, heels, flip flops, or sandals are not suitable for school and are not part of the accepted uniform.   If your child wears wellington boots into school during wet weather, please ensure they bring in their school shoes to change into once in school.  In Nursery, children are requested to wear a supportive closed toe shoe that ideally has a fastening that they can manage independently e.g. velcro or simple buckle, not shoelaces.  Thank you.
  • Hair - Hair styles for both girls and boys should be simple and easily managed. The school requests that the children do not have their hair coloured or shaved in elaborate styles. In the interest of hygiene and safety, long hair should be worn tied back at all times with plain bands, ribbons or scrunchies.   Hair accessories should not have large flowers or bows or other decorations attached e.g. cat ears. 
  • Jewellery - for many reasons, including safety, we do not allow children to wear jewellery as part of our uniform. This includes earrings, however if ears are pierced, a small pair of studs may be worn.  In P.E. we ask the children to either remove  or cover earrings with tape to prevent them from causing injury. Please note: school staff are not permitted to remove a child's earrings.   If you wish to discuss why you feel your child is not able to comply with wearing no jewellery in school, including earrings, please make an appointment to speak to the Head Teacher to discuss this further.  Thank you.

Partnership with parents:
It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that it is clean, in good repair and that the child's name is visibly labelled on all items.  If a parent has difficulties, for any reason, with their child's uniform, they are asked to speak confidentially to the school office team who would be pleased to assist in any way they can.

The role of governors:
The governing body supports the Head Teacher in implementing the school uniform policy.  They liaise with the Head Teacher to ensure that the policy is implemented fairly and with sensitivity. 


Uniform with the School Logo on is available from:

*Loop Schoolwear:

Baileys Mill, 38 Factory Lane, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. DE7 8HQ

Telephone 01773 825865 Email: www.loopwear


* Hamilton’s:

41-43 Granby Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. DE7 8HP

Tel: 0115 9326333 Email:


NB *Loop Schoolwear donate to school for orders placed.