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Attendance and Holidays

Attendance rewards

 Each week the class with the best attendance have either 5 minutes extra playtime or 5 minutes extra Golden Time.

Every half term all the children who have 96% attendance or over will be put in a draw to win a prize.

Children with 100% attendance for the half term will get a certificate and a cookie!

Children who have 99.5% attendance or above will be given a prize at the end of the school year.

Whole School Attendance

We are aiming for 96% every week!

Spring 2020 

6th March

Average Attendance   98.65%   

Highest Attendance  RC 100%

28th February 

Average Attendance   97.61%

   Highest Attendance 2P 97.61%

14th February

  Average Attendance  95.00%  

Highest Attendance   2NG  99.20%

7th February

Average Attendance 95.12%

  Highest Attendance  2P 98.93%

31st January

Average Attendance   93.64%   

Highest Attendance  96.07%

24th January

Average Attendance 93.64%  

Highest Attendance 2P  96.07%

17th January

  Average Attendance  95.37%

  Highest Attendance 1W 99.31%

10th January

Average Attendance  97.84%    

Highest Attendance  1T 99.17% and 1W 99.31% 

Autumn 2019  

20th December 

Average Attendance  92. 41%  

 Highest Attendance  1T  99.20%

13th December

  Average Attendance 93.24%  

 Highest Attendance  2NG  98.40%

6th December 

Average Attendance   90.06%

Highest Attendance  RC  97.14%

29th November

Average attendance 90.74%

Highest Attendance  2P  94.62%

22nd November 

Average Attendance  93.67%

   Highest Attendance  1W  98.28%

15th November

Average Attendance95.99%

   Highest Attendance  2NG  98.46%

8th November

Average Attendance   95.39%

Highest Attendance  1W and 2NG 98.28%

25th October

Average Attendance   95.53%

   Highest Attendance  2P   97.69%

18th October

Average Attendance  

  Highest Attendance

October 11th

Average Attendance  97.27%

 Highest Attendance  1W    99.31%

October 4th 

Average Attendance   96.34% 

 Highest Attendance  RR  98.97%

September 27th

  Average Attendance   97. 53%

Highest Attendance  2NG   98.85%

September 20th 

Average Attendance  98.18%

Highest Attendance   RR  99.66%

September 13th 

Average Attendance   97.88%

Highest Attendance  1W 99.66%

September 6th

Average  Attendance 98.32%

  Highest Attendance 2NG and 2P 100%